In the blink of an eye........................

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In the blink of an eye........................

Post by dolly_angel » January 14th, 2010, 6:39 pm

A big thing happened in our house last week. my first born got his driving test.Still knee deep in finger painting and puppets I find this strange and a little unsettling -even though I am so proud. I watched him drive off alone for the first time ever and even rang when he got there to check he was safe.

I now know how quickly the time goes as I am lucky enough to have both toddlers and tennagers. The physical demands and joys of young children are no match for waiting to hear that car pull up and knowing that he is safely home.

We train them to be independent and then when they are we worry about that.

I have come to appreciate the simple aspects of young children even more and though I am excited that later this year my boy starts college(hopefully!) and enters the world, I am sad there is so much I didn't do with him, so much I still feel I have to show him and now he can see it all for himself in his little yellow car.

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