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Writers Stand Up

Post by Doctoress » January 14th, 2010, 3:47 pm

I'm a writer, so my Google Reader is primarily mostly tuned into the blogs of agents and publishers. I don't know everything about the publishing world, you know, so they're my go-to crowd for up-to-date information that is important to me. I also enjoy their often hilarious insight and perspective into how to go about querying (and how people failed at doing so), clients of theirs that are getting published, and their daily struggles.

With that said, I know that I am greatly negligent in reading the blogs of writers. I, myself, have a blog so why would I not be following more blogs by other writers? Of course, I have a couple that I follow but that's it. (It's a shame, I know.)There's http://stephie5741.blogspot.com/ by Stephanie Faris, an author who is newly agented with The Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. There's also Laurell K. Hamilton (http://blog.laurellkhamilton.org/index.php/site/index/) because I am just in love with all of her work and she has the professional drive of a rhino.

My New Year's Resolution is to start following more blogs written by writers and about writing. These are my peers after all. And reading about their take on the world, daily struggles and victories will help me, too. I'm all about keeping up appearances in a community and writers are my people! I can't forsake my peeps!!!

Well, I have to sign off. I am not Laurell K. Hamilton and sometimes it takes a little more than will power to keep me at my desk and off the internet.

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