Adverbs and Adjectives

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Adverbs and Adjectives

Post by bcomet » April 15th, 2016, 4:55 pm

I've recently immersed myself, studying of the use of adverbs and adjectives in novels. The grammar police, as well as many seasoned writers, often say:
"don't do it!"

However, I've found way too many examples of dry, empty, boring work without adverbs or adjectives. Books missing wonder or zing.

And, many fine examples (NYT Bestsellers, etc.) of novels with abundant use of adjectives and adverbs, that are varied, sophisticated, and make the words and stories poetic and artful.

More and more often, I am now seeing writers and editors say/blog about how important and useful they are -or can be- when used artfully: that they can add musicality and depth.

Musicality in writing is important to me both in reading and writing.


I'd love a fresh discussion.

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