Looking for a beta reader for my mystery novel

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Looking for a beta reader for my mystery novel

Post by adityab99@gmail.com » October 24th, 2021, 7:30 pm

Hi - I am looking for a beta reader for my fourth mystery/adventure novel. It is approx 60k words. I have provided a synopsis below. I am looking for feedback on the characters, storyline, and the overall plot timelines and sequence. Please let me know if this is something that would be interesting for you. Thanks!
Mahesh receives a call from one of his late professor’s friends that there is a box that has been left for him. He decides to make the trip to the professor’s hometown, Benares to pick up the box. What he finds is a set of crossword puzzles, old newspaper articles, and books. As he starts solving the puzzles, he realizes that the professor may have left him some clues that point to a sinister set of events that may have led to his death.
At the same time, Aarvi finds a similar set of clues in a folder that the late professor had left for her. She knew the professor and his family. The clues point to the professor’s past and what may have led to his death. Both Aarvi and Mahesh are confused as to why they were selected by the professor with these clues. What are they supposed to do with them?
They start uncovering the secrets behind them and soon realize that there could be more to the professor’s story and past. As they combine their efforts to find out the truth, Aarvi finds herself drawn to Mahesh, and challenging her own convictions.

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