Past Tense & Present Tense Blunders

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Re: Past Tense & Present Tense Blunders

Post by CindyAuthor » November 4th, 2017, 4:59 am

this happens to me quite happens, but it eventually disappeared with practice.

Terry Gatton
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Re: Past Tense & Present Tense Blunders

Post by Terry Gatton » May 8th, 2018, 2:58 am

Probably it`s inherent for many authors, come back, edit, modify remove and add... Something that the last morning seemed like a masterpiece in a couple of days might seem like a completely useless paragraph without any semantic load. As my curator says, perfectionism is the enemy of creativity.
So well, just, breath relax and have fun, this is wise) I know I wasted far too much time on one section. My biggest problem is I over think things and tend to go way too far in depth.
I have struggled a bit with the last assignment with expert help as I sometimes find the questions a bit loose and I'm not quite sure exactly what I want at all!
The main thing is not to overdo it and not to destroy really amazing and meaningful words ...

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