"Wet Birds Don't Fly at Night" Query

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"Wet Birds Don't Fly at Night" Query

Post by jcbethcjsmama » August 24th, 2016, 2:22 am

Would love any feedback/critique on my Query Letter-Thanks in advance!

When Amy Herting, a busy wife and mother of three, begins to notice things are a little off with her mother, she forces her to go to the hospital where they receive a terrifying diagnosis that leads them down a long, dark road. Amy must deal with the ultimate reality that she will be the one to have the final say on the life that gave her life.

Joan Cooper is a strong willed woman who refuses to believe she is anything less than fully competent, the rock of her little family. She is in complete denial as her mind and entire world begin to unravel. She has flashes of her life with her incredible husband Bob, remembering their stories together as told in her journal “Memories of a Wet Bird” written in the immediate days after his death.

Bob Cooper is a feisty spirit that has been hanging around this world, avoiding the cliched light for years. Trying to help his wife and daughter as much as he can from the Other Side, he recalls their early years beginning at a Chicago nightclub in the swinging “Mad Men” 1960s, up through his death. He is as handsome and charming as he is modest (if he does say so himself) and relives their colorful lives together, starting as a young crackerjack salesman fresh out of the Marine Corps, after having been wounded in Vietnam. He considers himself a “favorite of the gods and therefore destined for greatness,” has been plausibly compared to Archie Bunker and lives his life--and death--on his own terms, waiting to be reunited with his beloved bride.

“WET BIRDS DON’T FLY AT NIGHT” is 56,465 words, Inspirational fiction with paranormal elements, told in three different points of view. I am a freelance writer, having published some non-fiction work and online copywriting. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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Re: "Wet Birds Don't Fly at Night" Query

Post by hauntedsouls » June 27th, 2017, 3:16 pm

You have an interesting premise here but it feels a bit disjointed in the description. I'm also not a fan of using television references for one's work. I also don't see the connecting pieces. Rather than describing three different stories, it might be helpful to describe one and explain why you have chosen to write the book in this style.
Good luck!

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