Query for Kinetic: The First Alliance (YA Sci-Fi)

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herro raymond
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Query for Kinetic: The First Alliance (YA Sci-Fi)

Post by herro raymond » February 18th, 2016, 5:14 pm

Kinetic: The First Alliance is the story of intergalactic betrayal and revenge that will forever shape the lives of five teens back on Earth as they struggle to find the meaning of their existences and keep their humanity in the process. One by one, they’re forced them to fight a war light years away that they never asked for, or wanted to be a part of.

In the not distant future, Alex Carter is a southern teen from Houston, Texas who had dreams of going to college and living a nice, boring existence. However, his life just took a turn for the chaotic when he is visited by Shyra, a beautiful and deadly alien from a far off world. After revealing Alex can control electricity, and must use his powers to try and save the world. She manipulates his need to protect his grandfather, the only family he has left, and he chooses to leave with her into the night.

The curt and brazen alien rips four more kinetics, each with different amazing abilities from their homes and forces them to be soldiers for an upcoming interplanetary battle-royal to the death. Alex is forced to grow up and become a man and hero in just one year before the evil Zenakuu arrives.

Alex juggles a wide array of emotions for his team and mentor such as love, jealously, brotherhood, and hatred to name a few. When war finally makes its way to Earth’s doorstep, Alex must choose between either surviving the day, or sacrificing himself to save the lives of his team. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of a teenager who is only sure that he’s impossibly unsure.

“KINETIC: THE FIRST ALLIANCE” is the first installment in a Sci-fi, Young Adult series and is 123,000 words. It’s pace and theme will appeal to the readers of such books as Pittacus Lore’s “I AM NUMBER FOUR,” and “STEELHEART” by Brandon Sanderson.

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Re: Query for Kinetic: The First Alliance (YA Sci-Fi)

Post by hauntedsouls » June 27th, 2017, 3:33 pm

This too reads far more like a synopsis than a query. A query should say something about why you want to work with this specific agent, and who you are in a couple of sentences.

Perhaps this:

Intergalactic betrayal and revenge will forever shape the lives of five teens who struggle to redeem their humanity after they're forced to fight a war light years away which no one wanted to begin with. Alex Carter is an average Texas teen whose life is thrown into chaos when Shyra, a beautiful extra-terrestrial visits him. He learns of his ability to control electricity, but is soon manipulated by the lovely Shyra into leaving Earth. Four other Earth teens who also possess extraordinary abilities are abducted and forced into the battle alongside Alex. Unprepared for a war to the death, Alex finds he is faced with an impossible choice: either survive the day or sacrifice himself to save the lives of his team. Alex holds the ultimate fate of humanity in his hands, and completely unsure what to do.

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