Synopsis for Kinetic: The First Alliance (YA Sci-Fi)

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Synopsis for Kinetic: The First Alliance (YA Sci-Fi)

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ALEX CARTER thought he was just an average, unlucky teen stumbling through life. One night, he asked the only family he had left, his Grandpa HENRY if he could be excused. For whatever reason, the haunting glow of their old TV set offered little distraction from the splitting headache that attacked without warning. He found his way to his bed and tried to sleep it off, but the throbbing was only getting worse. As he got up to take some aspirin, he saw the silhouette of an uninvited figure by his window.

The figure revealed herself as SHYRA, a veteran soldier from a distant world. She was beautiful, decorated, and clearly dangerous. She explains why machines and equipment kept shorting out around him all his life, Alex can manipulate electricity. Shyra tells him she has traveled a great length to train his race to fight the Zenakuu, who in just over a year mean to kill or enslave every last person on Earth after mining all of the planet’s resources.

“I can’t just leave him. I’m all he’s got,” Alex said.

“Then your grandfather is already dead,” she stated coldly.

Shyra’s world, Kalryn, has already had to fight off a Zenakuu invasion and its inhabitants have come to Earth to train promising kinetics to help protect the planet. Shyra takes Alex aboard her ship to the mountains, where he immediately begins training to become one of a handful of superheroes who must use their powers to battle aliens intent on winning a savage interplanetary war.

Alex leaves his life behind to travel across the country with the battle-hardened alien, but after a few weeks of training Alex is sent to find more kinetics like himself. By the end of a week, a group of five teenagers with electro, geo, pyro, hydro, and aerokinesis are gathered to form a Kinetic Alliance and start learning how to master their powers aboard Shyra’s cloaked spaceship. While Alex forms a type of brotherhood with CHRISTIAN, he immediately butts heads with DIMITRI, and TORI, but struggles to make sense of his feelings for CASSIE.

With the team assembled, Shyra puts them through a rigorous training regimen which makes them strong and powerful. She trains their bodies and minds, just in time for a Zenakuu scouting party to launch a surprise attack. One by one the newly named Kinetic Alliance gets their first taste of war and death, narrowly surviving their first encounter with the enemy. However, the hopelessness of their reality sinks in when an interrogated soldier reveals the full Zenakuu armada will soon be on their way.

Shyra sends the Alliance out into the world to remind them what they are fighting for, and while they save lives and become heroes, they also experience their first real loss when they discover a horrifying truth. They aren’t alone. Other people have kinetic abilities, and are using them for evil. Through intense training, the Alliance defeats the other two kinetics, LUCAS and SORA in a rematch. Shyra convinces the two to join them even though she cannot see Lucas’s ulterior motives.

Alex can never find the right time to confess his feelings for Cassie, and with the fight of their lives looming over their heads, he just lost his window. The Zenakuu armada land over Arizona and decimate all military defenses. The Alliance flies over and face off with over 70,000 armed Zenakuu warriors.

Lucas shows his true colors and defects to enemy lines while Sora tries to stop him. Despite being stronger, the Alliance is overwhelmed by their numbers and bloodlust. Each of the five teens has the fight of their lives, sustaining near fatal injuries. Sora subdues Lucas, but right has she lets down her guard, Lucas impales her with a blade and she falls to the ground dead.

Sensing the death of Sora, Dimitri rushes over to avenge her, but is easily overpowered by Lucas. Alex’s best friends and teammates are dropping like flies and he finds that he can’t wake up from the nightmare he’s found himself in. With half the team dead or incapacitated, Shyra assembles the remaining Alliance to Dimitri’s location, so Alex carries Christian’s unconscious body over.

Shyra is so focused on stopping Lucas that she doesn’t see that off in the distance one of the enemy’s warships is aiming their main canon at her team. Without a second to lose, Alex races over to save Cassie and the others. He uses his electrokinesis to try to deflect the beam, but it’s too powerful. He succeeds in saving the others, but loses his right arm in the process.

With Alex bleeding out, Shyra calls for a full retreat. Shyra gets Alex and the others back to the ship as fast as possible to prep him for surgery. The operation was bloody and messy, but just as Cassie and Shyra believe they are out of the woods, Alex starts seizing. His body convulses until his EKG machine sounds off a long, continuous beep. Alex just died on the operating table.

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