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Post by johnh27 » November 22nd, 2011, 6:18 pm

Thanks for the feedback - I've done my best to incorporate into my new letter.

Dear Ms. Agent,

Will’s mother is dying and wants to secure a future for her ten-year-old son. The single-mother has no family to turn to, so she brings Will to her hometown where she hopes the Gundersons will become Will’s guardians and raise him. Reverend Gunderson is initially opposed to her request, but when he learns that she is quite wealthy and has made lucrative provisions for Will and his caretakers, he relents.

Eight-year- old Annie Gunderson is delighted to have Will in the household and they become very close as Will struggles with his mother’s death. He becomes best friends with Dennis, who unbeknownst to both boys, is his half-brother. As Will begins his teen years and enters high school, he is an excellent student and talented athlete. A rift emerges between Will and Dennis, who becomes envious of Will’s success. Their relationship deteriorates further when Will wins a football scholarship that Dennis had expected to receive.

The summer following Will’s high school graduation, Annie and Will realize that they are falling in love. Reverend Gunderson picks up on this and confronts Will about it. Their relationship which has been tenuous throughout the years, is now irreparably broken. About the same time, Dennis conjures up a scheme to get even with Will. When Will and Annie are arrested for possessing drugs which Dennis has planted in Will’s car, Reverend Gunderson and his trusted attorney seize upon this opportunity and attempt to separate Will from both Annie and his money.

ANNIE AND WILL, my first novel, is complete at 100,000 words. It will appeal to a wide audience including readers of Richard Russo and Anna Quindlen. The culture, events and music of the Sixties are woven into the story, making this work also attractive to many Baby-Boomers.

I’ve researched numerous agencies and found that the nurturing and long-term approach of Books & Such offers the best chance of success for me. I'd be thrilled if you would consider ANNIE AND WILL for representation.

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Post by wilderness » December 6th, 2011, 7:06 pm

Hi John,
You should post your revised query in your original thread so your changes can be viewed all together (see guidelines topic). :)

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