Critique Partner Wanted--Mystery & Mystery w/ Fantasy Elements

Critique partners are worth their weight in gold. So (checking financial page) like $20,000 a pound.
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Critique Partner Wanted--Mystery & Mystery w/ Fantasy Elements

Post by SarahPottenger » January 30th, 2024, 4:22 pm

Hi! I'm Sarah, and I'm a 44-year-old mystery writer. I'm definitely looking for someone flexible, but it's also important to me to have feedback from someone who is familiar with the mystery genre. I have an MFA in Creative Writing, and I've also written multiple novels in multiple genres, so I have a lot of experience and education to bring to the table. Any feedback is welcome, but mostly at this point as I'm in first-draft mode, I need the accountability to keep me writing to hit my deadline.

I'm looking for someone to trade chapters with (or scenes--I write in scenes and break chapters in the revision process). My current work-in-progress is a straight-up mystery/suspense: Agnes left Beverly, MA after high school and never looked back. She’s been running for years from the ghost of her long-dead mother, her grieving, workaholic father, and the car accident that killed her friend and changed her face. But her dream job as a Boston homicide detective brings her home, and her first case involves a missing teenage girl and going undercover with her new partner, Frank, who now seems nothing like the aloof, condescending boy she remembers from their childhood.

If you want a clean draft free of spelling and grammar mistakes, I'm your woman. If you want polished, and you're annoyed by in-text notes to myself on revision ideas, I may not be your woman. The in-text notes are very entertaining, though.

The novel I wrote for my MFA is complete, and I'm starting revisions this year, but it's also currently in first-draft form. But again, the only mechanics mistakes in it will be typos or an occasional word left out when my brain outpaces my typing fingers. My MFA novel is a mystery centered on two private investigators working a missing person case, with the added twist of sensory magic in a contemporary world. So if that's more your bag, hit me up. I can provide a writing sample upon request.


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Re: Critique Partner Wanted--Mystery & Mystery w/ Fantasy Elements

Post by asterisk » February 19th, 2024, 12:28 am

Hi Sarah. Are you still looking for a critique partner? I'd be interested. Mystery and fantasy (and history) are some of my beloved genres.

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