Looking for a Critique Partner/Group: Fantasy

Critique partners are worth their weight in gold. So (checking financial page) like $20,000 a pound.
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Looking for a Critique Partner/Group: Fantasy

Post by v2acnam » February 9th, 2021, 6:22 pm

Hey everyone! I just recently joined the forum and so I'm looking to find a critique partner or group to work with!

I'm looking for that honest feedback, comments, critiques, and suggestions on how we can each improve our works. Of course, I offer the same in return!

I mainly write in YA/A/MG Fantasy, so I would prefer it if my critique partner also wrote in the same genre.

My work is titled "The Son of Ashes" a 104k Adult Fantasy Novel. If you're interested or want to learn more about the details, don't hesitate to reply or let me know! I look forward to working/meeting with you all! :D

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Re: Looking for a Critique Partner/Group: Fantasy

Post by informalhospital » February 20th, 2021, 8:45 am


I'm pretty much in the same boat. I finished my first draft and could use another pair of eyes. My story is YA low fantasy/some sci-fi elements, 88K. It is multiple-POV. If you like my excerpt enough, post some of yours, and we can exchange! This character is gender-neutral, just FYI:

“It is currently 6:53 a.m., and 15 degrees Celsius.”
Trinh tumbled out of bed. It was the third time they had dreamt of the creature and the door that month.
Mandy continued to broadcast from the assistant channel on Trinh’s ID, describing the broad strokes of their day. “Your schedule is as follows: 7:00 a.m., Philosophy 102: Demystifying the Greens. This will occur in seven minutes. Should I alert the Classroom Assistant you will be late?”
“NO!” Trinh shouted. They barreled into the bathroom, attempting to pee and brush their teeth simultaneously. They ran back into the tiny bedroom and shoved themself into a shirt from the clean pile on the floor.
Trinh had clawed their way into the top 30% of Year 2. They were not about to start this year dropping in rank for being late to their very first class, especially with Dr. Folami.
“OK,” Mandy said, in what Trinh felt was a passive-aggressive tone for a voice coming from a watch. “Would you like to hear about the rest of your day?”
Trinh bolted out the door, running down the steps three at a time. They looked down at their ID, quickly calculating. It was 6:57, and they lived about two and a half kilometers from the academic block. They could make it.

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