Requesting feedback on a book idea to help self-publishers

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Robert Corrington
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Requesting feedback on a book idea to help self-publishers

Post by Robert Corrington » March 12th, 2020, 2:53 pm

Hey all,
I’m considering writing a book for self-publishers and I want your feedback to help me decide if such a book is need and helpful.

When I published my first paperback via CreateSpace six years ago, I really hated the look of the interior. The book didn’t look exactly like my computer screen. The characters were too thin and the line spacing was too large. I spent the next few months learning about typefaces, fonts, licensing, etc.

Finally, I decided to create a paperback that included examples of some of the best quality free fonts I could find on the web. When I got the proof, it helped me figure out the typeface, font size and line spacing I wanted for the book. Seeing it in my hand made a huge difference for me.

Here is a link to a PDF that shows an example chapter for Cormorant Garamond Medium (e.g., different weights, sizes, line spacing, etc.): ... apter).pdf

When you were starting out, do you think something like this would have been helpful to you?

Any thoughts on how to make it more useful?

Of course, if I completed this book, I’d provide a through introduction to typefaces, fonts, sizes, websites where such fonts can be downloaded, etc. as well as other technical considerations, such as old style number forms, ligatures, glyphs, foreign language support, etc.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. Much appreciated.


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