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Marketing & Blogging

Post by Katelan » March 13th, 2010, 7:00 pm

So I have a book coming out in within the next month or so and I have started to do some promotion. I wrote a blog talking about the book a little, posted the link on twitter and facebook and all of a sudden people are really interested. I mean I have my usual fan base for my art & witchery but this really brought about a whole new group. So what I want to do is keep giving them things to be excited about. I've chosen a couple excerpts and will do both video and livestreaming of me reading and I'm also giving away pages from the journals that the book is written from and pictures taken during that time. I also throw literary events around NYC (bombarding dive bars with typewriters and Bukowski, impromptu readings etc) What do you do to promote your books? Do you do specials for those who pre-order? How do you connect with your readers via the internet, readings, events etc?

Here is the entry that sparked this: ... dding.html

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Re: Marketing & Blogging

Post by christi » March 14th, 2010, 12:09 am

Most people here aren't signed yet to be published, myself included, but I've done what I can to promote my book once I find an agent. I'm not the sort to just sit back and hope for the best. I need to be involved, which could be some of my source of frustration with the querying process for my urban fantasy.

Once an agent accepts my book, I have several popular websites that will pimp me, run by some friends. I also have artist friends who will do my sketches and another artist that will do my cover art, but since publishers generally dictate both of these things, I have already created my website where their art can still be seen and their websites are linked to mine, vice versa. Two of these artist friends are regular vendors at science fiction/fantasy/comic conventions and offer me another outlet to meet and greet future or existing readers. Now all I need is that agent :-)

The best thing I can offer as advice is networking. I've been networking for ages and view everything as an opportunity for me to help someone while I help them. The literary events that you mentioned in your post sound interesting, but they would really only appeal and be accessible to people in New York.

I've taken the opportunity to go to your website and I find it fascinating. There's even a project that I've been working on that I'm now considering sending in to Knickerbocker Circus Publishing since it seems like the sort of artistic and singular outlet that would appreciate my unusual idea as opposed to the confining commercial market of popular fiction.

Good luck in your promotional endeavors. :-) Merry met.
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