Hi everyone ... question about audiobook

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Hi everyone ... question about audiobook

Post by papillon » April 11th, 2011, 12:57 pm

Hi everyone, first post here

I've a book and audiobook I'd like to release myself. Two years ago, my spouse started recording & editing an audiobook version. He did it with an actor friend of ours, and I must say the actor did a beautiful job. He has a great voice, and a great feel for the story and the characters. Normally I'd love the idea of this product being my audiobook.

Trouble is, I've since revised the story. A LOT. Two years ago, I didn't appreciate just how important it was to revise the novel until I felt it was PERFECT, or at least the very best I could make it. I also didn't have the acumen to notice just how much editing the book needed!

My spouse and the actor want me to release the unrevised audiobook version simultaenously with the (first release) of the revised book. I have only respect and gratitude for all the great work they've done. I also appreciate that it's important for the actor's resume to "get his work out there".

But too many readers already expect self-published books to be editing nightmares. . . wouldn't it appear sloppy to have the initial release of the book to have one in an earlier stage of revision --- even if one was an e-book and one was an audiobook? This is my first book ever, and I don't want to look like someone who doesn't know what she's doing.

How would you feel in this situation? Am I just making too much of this? This has got me very nervous, I'm having trouble sleeping.

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Re: Hi everyone ... question about audiobook

Post by Quill » April 12th, 2011, 12:47 am

I don't think having two different versions of the book is a good idea. Especially if one of them is substandard. And even if it isn't, it just doesn't make sense. Readers will expect both editions (audio and e) to be the same material.

In short, having two versions would be unorthodox, confusing, and the inferior one will poorly represent you.

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