new book, A Visit Home

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new book, A Visit Home

Post by GrannySwart » April 11th, 2024, 5:47 pm

The best of times often come from returning home, except when home is not a good place to be. When Tom and his sister, Catherine, are adopted as small children, their world changes drastically. Now abuse fills their lives. The sad events they experience will pull at your emotions and make you empathize with the plight of these characters. Their journey toward forgiveness encounters setbacks along the way, but ultimately, they both accept God’s grace and receive forgiveness.

Through different circumstances, Catherine and Tom both escape to new lives. In separate visits, they return home to take their frustrations out on their adoptive father, but both find they’ve arrived too late. With the help of devout Christian mentors both siblings journey from troubled youths to worthy adults saved by grace.

A Visit Home has something for every reader, mystery, a love story, humor, historical background, and family relationships. Using secular circumstances, traditional Christian beliefs emerge. The theme that God stands by us no matter what difficulty we have is woven into A Visit Home with questions of faith being explored in subtle ways.

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