Euthanasia Query. :)

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Saira Naitsirhc
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Euthanasia Query. :)

Post by Saira Naitsirhc » July 11th, 2017, 7:39 am

Dear [Agent Name]
Reclusive, despondent, erratic, but nonetheless compassionate and selfless 18 year old Madeline Tresdine Templeton returns to the place she loathes most due to an incident of her twin sister. To her surprise, she finds herself staying there-- for good, and with a perpetually required obligation named Euthanasia to be performed by teenagers at her same age, she is without a doubt standing at a terrible disadvantage. This (word count) novel depicts how the main character struggles to live in a Utopian world, to be independent, resolving predicaments, deciding to dilemmas, and face rip-roaring challenges.
I am currently studying in Western Mindanao State University under the course of Bachelor in Secondary Education, and already in my last year in college. Though I am taking an education profession, my vocation has been to writing novels presenting female heroines and archetypes.
I live in a small town in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines.
I considered you to be my agent to present my work because (tidbits). My manuscript is complete and prepared to be sent at your disposal. Hoping that you would consider presenting my work.

Yours with great consideration,
Christian Arias

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Re: Euthanasia Query. :)

Post by Muse_Clio » May 25th, 2018, 1:29 am

There should be a paragraph break between the last sentence of the query "Disadvantage" and the first sentence of your descriptor "This (word count)". What's the title of the work? What's the Genre? What's the word count? Don't tell what the novel depicts, the query should have done that for you.

You don't need to tell the agent where or what you are studying or what year you are in or what your vocation is unless they ask. Sometimes an agent will ask what made you write THIS book, but I've only seen that once, most seem to want title, word count, and genre, any publishing credits and that's it.

When you include your contact info at then end of the submission, include your mailing address, you don't need it in the body itself.

As one agent advised me, White space, white space, white space. Include frequent paragraph breaks to make the query easier to read, you don't want to send a big block of text.

rAlso, if you are query-ing, agents will assume the book is complete, you reinforce that assumption by saying "Complete at ... words" Scrap that whole sentence.

Hope this has helped.

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