So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Because that novel isn't going to delay itself
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So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by AllisonM » December 16th, 2009, 1:15 am

It seems like most forums I belong to have at one time or another had a Star Wars vs. Star Trek type of discussion so to feel at home here I'd like to get one going, lol.

Whose fans rule here? Do you prefer Star Wars, Star Trek or maybe you equally love (or hate) both?

For the record I am Star Wars all the way!

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Nathan Bransford
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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by Nathan Bransford » December 16th, 2009, 2:19 am

Only one correct answer, there is.

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marilyn peake
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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by marilyn peake » December 16th, 2009, 2:43 am

STAR WARS. And some STAR TREK, mostly the movies and THE NEXT GENERATION.
Marilyn Peake

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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by CharleeVale » December 16th, 2009, 2:44 am

I'm a Star Wars girl! although I really did enjoy this year's new Star Trek movie.


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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by Hillsy » December 16th, 2009, 4:27 am

It's a little bit of an unfair comparison if you ask me....One's predominantly movie based, the other a series. Trek is a Utopian, formulaic and serial; Star Wars is more chaotic, Dystopian and a single overarching story. Trek will always be remembered for the Appalling Kirk fight with the Gorn; Star Wars the "I am your father" line with is practically modern culture now.

But if I HAD to pick one I'd go for Trek.....not because of quality (because I think the first 3 Star Wars films represent the best thing ever filmed in space - running 2001 a close second) but simply because of the sheer weight and size of Trek. It has a history and background and culture so mind-bogglingly HUGE it just has to be respected and revered. 'Star trek 2 - Wrath of Khan', '...4 - The Voyage Home' and '...6 - The Undiscovered Country' are good enough in their own right to take on the Star Wars films, but on top of the massive body of mythology it's just too good.

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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by Mira » December 16th, 2009, 10:17 am

Oh, no. Star Trek all the way.

Don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars, but Lucas needs to stop directing his own movies. No matter how wonderful the actor is, under Lucas' direction, they'll become simply awful.

I like Star Trek's theme: how ultimately it's not weapons or technology that triumphs, but human ingenuity, intelligence and ideals that win in the end.

Also, I grew up with Star Trek, so it will always be closer to my heart. :)

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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by Tzalaran » December 16th, 2009, 11:16 am

Nathan Bransford wrote:Only one correct answer, there is.
The Force is strong with this one...
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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by longknife » December 16th, 2009, 1:45 pm

As one indicated, they're two entirely different forms of SciFi.

Star Wars is a great epic history of man's future and how we deal with it. I didn't like the Skywalker who turned into Vader and thought the acting was less than stellar. However, it is eye pleasing, realistic and frustrated h**l out of me that he's not going on with the last three! [I bet he will, sooner or later]

Star Trek, on the other hand, came about at a time when SciFi on TV was generally mild. The crew had a series of different encounters every week. It would never had worked unless a lot of viewers became enamoured and demanded it be rerun. That, in turn, spawned the following three where the difference was basically the ability to show amazing special effects. Picard was okay. I really liked the one about the space station and thought the MC was very good - don't know what happened to him as I haven't seen him in other series. The other with McGrew as captain, never thrilled me.

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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by Nick » December 16th, 2009, 4:42 pm

Trek, all the way. Deep Space Nine if you want to boil it down to a specific series. I do have a bit of a soft spot for the Data-centric episodes of TNG, though.

I do like Star Wars, but not enough for me to watch it all that often. Honestly I haven't touched a single thing Star Wars since Revenge of the Sith came out on DVD, however many centuries ago that was. With Star Trek you get three good shows with fairly lengthy seasons, two mediocre shows with fairly lengthy seasons, and a whole slew of films. A lot more to choose from depending upon what tickles my fancy. And Trek's stories are at least semi-original, for the most part. Star Wars is pretty blatantly every film or ancient myth Lucas thought was cool packaged nice and neat in the shiny wrapping paper of Lucas' ideas and then launched into space.

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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by a_r_williams » December 16th, 2009, 5:35 pm

Star Wars. easy.

Star Wars was the FIRST movie I ever fell in love with. I remember watching the original ( episode 4 ) at a drive in movie theater. They were the movie for my friends and I. The unforgettable "Luke, I am your father!" line was incredible. The force. Jedis. The Dark Side. What's not to love ( besides episode 1, the stupid way in which Anakin changed sides, and Jar Jar Binks ).

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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by Calliopenjo » December 16th, 2009, 6:23 pm

All of Star Wars and all of Star Trek.

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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by Wryan » December 16th, 2009, 6:23 pm

Star Wars. Yoda and Obi-Wan are better than Kirk and Spock any day. The other characters don't count.

Ginger Clark
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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by Ginger Clark » December 16th, 2009, 6:43 pm

I am sure plenty of people will feel differently, but there is no contest for me: Star Trek. And here's a story from Christmas 2003, the day after my husband and I got engaged. We were at his maternal grandparents house, accepting congrats from everyone, and his aunt Kass pulled me aside to have the following conversation with me:
Cass: Ginger, Brian's a wonderful guy, but you know, he does have a downside.
Me: What?
Cass: He's a big Star Wars fan.
Me: (confused) Oh, I didn't know he liked Star Wars, too. (Secretly beginning to freak out). I thought he just liked Star Trek.
Cass: No, Star Trek! He likes Star Trek. I get them mixed.
Me: Oh, thank god.

So yes. I could not be with a man who was a huge fan of Star Wars. Though I do think Return of the Jedi is a very good film, and that's probably due to the fact an actual SF writer worked on the script (Leigh Brackett, and her actual real contribution remains murky).

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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by tempore » December 16th, 2009, 7:03 pm

Star Trek does not have a whole line of Lego. Star Wars wins.

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Re: So...Star Wars or Star Trek?

Post by kelly.morgan » December 16th, 2009, 7:28 pm

Star Wars.

I can appreciate good Star Trek (even though I haven't seen the latest movie yet) but in an either/or situation, gotta go with Han Solo all the way.

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