When You have two Manuscripts

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When You have two Manuscripts

Post by acody » April 8th, 2013, 5:57 pm

I have to say I have really enjoyed this blog- love your sense of humor and straight forward responses! I have a question (obviously)- I have two young adult manuscripts I want to query to an agent- I have been working on both for several years and I feel both, while each are different in genre, offer a worthwhile shot. (of course I would say that since they are mine....) How do I go forward with a query to an agent concerning two different books? Should I query each book to different agents? Query both to the same agent? Query one for now and see how it goes and then the other?
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Re: When You have two Manuscripts

Post by Quill » April 8th, 2013, 6:03 pm

First off, definitely query them separately rather than in the same letter.

Secondly, work on both query letters, and see which letter -- which pitch -- comes out stronger. Query letter writing is an art in itself. Feel free to offer them up for critique here at Bransforums. I think you will find that one of your projects is a bit stronger than the other, through this process.

Meanwhile choose your list of agents and rank them by preference -- who you would want the most at the top or bottom of your list. I would then begin querying from the opposite end of the list, in batches of five, say. This way you are testing the waters to get feedback, even in the form of rejections, before going after your most preferred. I would try your stronger project with your "weaker" agents, so to speak, to begin.

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