A cautionary tale

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T. Anne
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A cautionary tale

Post by T. Anne » January 14th, 2010, 4:56 pm

About eleven years ago I began taking my writing seriously. I was able to land not one, but two agents willing to take on my novel. I chose the wrong agent. Not only is she now listed as a predator on P&E, she was sued for stealing from her clients. Our relationship didn't go far. She had a bad habit of not returning phone calls or emails. Since she was too busy with the clients suing her, she dumped me after two years with a form letter.

Back then I didn't even know what P&E was, or if they existed. The other literary agent came from a reputable and wonderful agency. The agent I went with is still agenting today, although not recommended through P&E. I don't know all the details regarding her lawsuits. I read about them on the internet, they were never disclosed to me. Thank God for places like P&E and the absolute write water cooler because I now check on everybody before even bothering to send a query.

The deluge of rejection a writer receives makes you hungry to land an agent. Beware. Not just any agent will do. You work hard at your craft. Work hard to research the right person to represent you.

Yes, query widely, but query wisely.

As for me? After an extremely long query hiatus, I’ve once again begun submitting.
Can lightening strike three times? I hope so.

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