The Best Advice You'll Ever Get...

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The Best Advice You'll Ever Get...

Post by Skyhawk » December 18th, 2009, 5:21 pm

Okay Guys. I'm gonna give you the best advise you can expect to ever get if you really want to get published. When I made the commitment to finish my memoir. I moved all the way down to a little house on the beach in Baja, California. I was given a book to follow in preparing my proposal as a gift from an author/copy editor who has been my coach ever since.

Everything you want to know from that first written word, to how you're going to receive your royalties you'll find in a little paperback entitled...

"The Shortest Distance Between You and a Publisher' by Susan Page.

A four time guest on Oprah tells it all and covers every little detail you can imagine. I later learned that her book was the only text used in a writing a proposal course taught at UCSD. Now some of the strategies are slightly outdated given the internet but the meat and potatoes are all there. Trust me on this. I didn't know squat and with that book, my keyboard, lots of cigarettes, the annoying Federales who extorted me eight times, and nine months of sweat, I finished it.

It'll be the best 7 bucks you'll ever spend.

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