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Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 6:55 pm
by Nathan Bransford
Anyone watch Lost last night? What do you think of the dual plotlines?

Theory #1: The part where they land safely is actually the end of the show (since Juliet said "It worked.")
Theory #2: Alternate realities

Has anyone else heard any good theories?

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 7:09 pm
by abc
I'm going with alternate realities because I don't know what the heck you mean by theory #1. Explain.
My guess is that the two realities will work to converge this season. But they better be answering some questions. I'm kind of frustrated by the introduction of the temple and the buddhist/hippie/wise people/killers (well, the dirty spring water didn't work so I'll just be back here trimming my bonsai trees). Too much stuff. Brain can't hold.

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 7:14 pm
by bethsbooks
I have read these are not alternate realities as much as sideline timelines. So sayeth the creators of Lost.

In any case, mind blowing.

One theory I read was that before the end, the characters on the island will have to choose to stay in that timeline, or meld into the "we didn't crash" timeline. Or, if not choose, they die on the island and come to inside their other timeline persona.

IMO, this would only work if by melding into the didn't crash timeline, they remember all that happened on the island.

As for Juliet's last words, what struck me was when she asked Sawyer to go get coffee. I think that was her asking the didn't crash Sawyer in the sideline timeline, like their first meet. Which would make sense if her last words being, "it worked", that they all lived as if it hadn't happened.

All and all, so many questions raised. What was Desmond doing on the plane?? Why wasn't Boone's sister there (unless the actress couldn't come back)? Why did Charlie say, '"I should have died"? Why is Hurley on the plane "the luckiest guy in the world"? And don't you have the feeling Sawyer in that timeline is going to try and con him out of his money? Heh. Maybe just me. ;)

And that UnLocke, or whatever you want to call him, and Sayid (did he return from the dead with Jacob inside him??), and and and . . . .

Gah. My brain is melted.

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 7:19 pm
by maybegenius
I've heard it's actually parallel timelines! O_O

I actually blogged about all the parts of LOST that are driving me out of my freaking skull, heh. My working theory right now is that in the parallel timeline, everything that happened on the island happens anyway, but by different means. Jack giving Locke his card makes me think that in this alternate reality, maybe the Island doesn't heal Locke - maybe Jack does. I'll be curious to see if all the Losties that have died over the past few years start dying off in other ways in the new reality, because they were "supposed" to die.

I'm interested in why Hurley still won the lottery in the other timeline, even though he supposedly wouldn't have had the numbers from the Island to play. He also seems to think he's the "luckiest guy alive" instead of being cursed.

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 7:20 pm
by abc
Oooh. The Jacob/Sayid thing is an interesting thought.

My go to guy for television criticism is Alan Sepinwall. He's got a nice post about last night. ... sking.html

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 7:26 pm
by HillaryJ
Going with theory #2 - alternative. I'm thinking it's kind of like when Desmond was caught in two different timelines, and each character may have to choose which time/place to stay in, although the additional interactions between characters after the plane lands in LAX is interesting. Also, what's the deal with Jack's dad? Did he and the suitcase of knives make it to the island during the turbulence on the plane? Are his shoes on Locke's feet important? LOST, you unbelievable bastard, you've done it to me again.

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 7:28 pm
by THB
Oh no, sucked into the Procrastination forum again. First Star Trek, now this.

First, theory #2 can exist on its own, but theory #1 can only co-exist with theory #2 because the events on the island post-date the Oceanic flight. Right?

Are they doing a fate thing? No matter how it happens, these people destinies are joined? E.g., if the plane lands safely, then they never really get to know each other, except look: Kate & Claire are in a cab together, and Jack gave Locke his card. That's kind of simplistic for Lost, though (although it does give them roughly a gazillion possibilities for episode plots).

What really intrigues me is the whole Jacob v. black-smoke-guy thing. Which one is Good and which one is Evil? Is it a Christ/anti-Christ thing? Is it non-denominational? And what did black-smoke-guy mean about seeing Richard "free from his chains"? (And why doesn't black-smoke-guy have a name?) Is Jacob the same entity as Christian, and, if so, does that make Jack the son of God? The son of the Devil? Are they both just the competing sides of humanity?

And could they stop showing us protruding shards of bloody bone every time someone gets hurt?

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 7:35 pm
by SXBrase
they're calling them "flashsideways"

the general idea, from what I can tell/know, is that they're showing the unintended consequences of blowing up the bomb. they spent so much time saying, "we can fix everything if we just blow up this bomb," and they spent no time thinking about what messing with the timeline would do. how lives are changed (Desmond, the Others), how corporations are changed (Hanso, Paik, Dharma), and thus ultimately how the world is changed.

the real question is--will these flashsideways and the main story ever meet up? I suspect not, but it's Lost, so who knows.

I largely suspect the losties are going to deal with the smoke monster & widmore, and then become the new Others. to THB--I suspect it's nondenominational, and instead can be laid over any religion. more powerful that way, and it meets with their roving postmodernism. "Free of his chains"--I don't know why everyone is so concerned with this. he must have been a prisoner or a slave, almost assuredly on the Black Rock. we'll get our Richard episode, I have faith.

what I'm most enjoying are the character arcs of Jack, Ben, Locke--they've all undergone amazing character development and their conclusions are going to be fascinating. I hope.

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 7:37 pm
by maybegenius
My household is operating under the theory that Jacob and Man In Black are Egyptian (or other ancient) gods locked in a battle for... something.

FakeLocke did say that he wanted to "go home." Which could mean any number of things... home to a God realm? Home off the Island? Outer space?

(I swear, if they're aliens, I will be so angry! Too easy!)

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 7:40 pm
by royalld
Last night was the first time I tuned-in to LOST.
After watching the recap followed by the 2-hour dramatic circus, I must subscribe to Theory #1... this entire odyssey was Locke's dream as he slept during the long ocean crossing.

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 8:00 pm
by jnduncan
Most significant line in the show for me? "Locke's" turn of phrase to Alpert. "Glad to see you out of your chains." Also his mentioning to Ben that unlike the real Locke, all he wants to do is "go home." I think we have some kind of alien conflict going on here. The island is some sort of ship that has been stuck on Earth for eons. Jacob wants to stay and make things work, and UnLocke wants to get the hell out of there because humans suck. All of the Lost cast has been put into play by Jacob as some convoluted way to close the "loop hole" that UnLocke successfully used to kill Jacob, and perhaps also as a way to create a group of humans that can handle the island in relation to the rest of the world. Jacob's plan has apparently failed and now the shit is hitting the fan and the ultimate battle for control is being played out. Jacob is the good guy, I've no doubt about that. What the split realities thing is I have no idea unless it's just an unfortunate consequence of the bomb which was Jacob's last ditch effort to stop UnLocke's plans. Of course it may still be part of Jacob's plan, a sort of hail Mary play that I've no idea how it will play out. Anyway, my two bits. Will be fun to see how this all unfolds.

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 8:13 pm
by THB
Either a dream or space aliens would be soooooo disappointing!

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 8:35 pm
by HollywoodClown
I started out thinking it was "Theory #2: Alternate realities"

But after reading some of the other post in here I'm digging the, "the characters on the island will have to choose to stay in that timeline, or meld into the 'we didn't crash"'timeline. Or, if not choose, they die on the island and come to inside their other timeline persona." idea. I LOVE THAT! They must choose.

I'm happy to see that others (not to be mistaken with 'The Others') are on board with the possibility that Jacob is now in Sayid and we'll have a Sayid vs Locke thing happening.

I think that the island was created by Jacob to keep the "Man in Black" away from humanity and acts as a "Cage" and he's been looking for a way off the island for thousands of years. Who knows? Maybe the "Man in Black" is the son of Jacob? Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I'm so happy to have a place to bounce theories around. My wife fell asleep last night and she hasn't watched it yet.

Keep em' coming!

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 8:44 pm
by owlandsparrow
My conclusion is that the "Flashsideways" are in a separate reality, as opposed to an alternate one (like bethsbooks mentioned earlier in the thread). Juliet said "It didn't work" to Sawyer, but dead Juliet said (to Miles) "It worked." I think both are true.

I'm guessing the point of this is to experiment with questions related to destiny/fate: perhaps their destiny plays out in different ways (on island v. in LA), where a few major events still happen (i.e. maybe Locke will be healed; maybe Charlie is 'supposed to die,' as Desmond insisted in season 3), and ultimately, they'll all end up in the same place no matter what form of reality leads them there.

Also, like SXBrase mentioned, I agree that they're showing the unintended consequences of blowing up the bomb. Things have definitely changed (though subtly - Rose's calm demeanor instead of her freaked-outtedness from Season 1); it seems the world changed way before the flight ever happened (as opposed to what they assumed - that the changes started with them not crashing, and that the crash was the only thing that would change).

However: I'm wondering if your Theory #1 might have some weight to it. I don't know if it's necessarily the end of the show but I'm unconvinced that this Oceanic flight is taking place in 2004. The reason I say this is because if you look at the underwater version of the Dharmaville barracks, they look totally demolished and in ruins like they did after that huge conflict with the freighter people (Keamy, in Season 4). Before the freighter people came, it was in pretty good condition; after, and when we see it in 2007, it looks pretty banged up. That conflict took place after (and because) the flight crashed. How can they be flying over it, in disrepair (sunken or not) if a) that timeline is completely separate, and b) those events happened post-original-Flight-815 (i.e. in September 2004 they cannot be flying over barracks that got ruined in December of 2004, sunk to the bottom of the ocean somehow, and had time to grow sea-plants and all that)? My head is spinning, so sorry if this is unclear.

Basically, I think the timelines will intersect at some point, and I think the flight we saw in the premiere may happen at a later date than the original one did.

I'm also questioning who is good - unconvinced that Jacob is a good guy. I have lots of thoughts on the temple and the murky water and Sayid, but I've already written a novel here. (Sorry.) Also wondering, how did Fake Locke know Real Locke's dying thoughts? Has he been in his head for a long, long time? Or, is he able to know the thoughts of the bodies he uses as his disguises?

I love this show.

Re: Lost - Possible Spoilers!

Posted: February 3rd, 2010, 9:02 pm
by ChaseMarch
I never watched Lost until this summer. I caught all of the seasons on DVD and got all caught up.

I almost gave up on the show after the first season but I was glad I gave it a shot. The fifth season was amazing.

Last night's show though was terrible. It took forever to get the story going. It was boring and, quite frankly, it was the worst episode ever.

I think they've dug themselves into a corner and have taken the story in ridiculous direction. I hope next week's show will be better but I think I've lost faith in the show (pun intended)