500 Word Challenges

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500 Word Challenges

Post by Seamus » February 2nd, 2010, 11:30 am

I recently issued a challenge to my fellow forum members to write a 400-500 word dialog with certain restrictions. This was on the "All things Writing" forum, where I heard a giant "thud" as the idea hit the pavement. No prizes were involved. I got one immediate entry, then added my own and someone else added a very nice one out of pity. The post is now slowly making its way to the second page of the forum, otherwise known as “oblivion.” Someone on that side suggested that I try it here -- as an alternative to actually working on our WIPs (ergo the word, “Procrastination).

The challenge I issued at the time was to write dialog between three generations aged, 22, 50 and 75 (or something like that), in an airport. Does this have a place on Nathan’s blog? Would anyone else be interested in this kind of short and playful exercise now and again?
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