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Trying to have sex while pregnant

Posted: January 15th, 2010, 7:43 am
by erush520
I am pretty sure at this point many of you have seen "Knocked Up" and remember the scene where they were having sex and he starts freaking out about the baby being able to see his penis coming towards him, or thinking that he is poking the baby in the forehead? I have seen that movie plenty of times and that scene was always pretty funny to me, until the other night, Christmas Eve, the night after our ultrasound. After a day of being on a high with everything that went on, seeing our baby, finding out it was a boy, spending the day with family, and watching Christmas movies we went to bed and eventually started to fool around which then of course lead to us having sex. Now here is where the issue comes in, earlier in the day, during the ultrasound, when the tech needed to see the baby at a different angle she would push on Shawna's belly in order to make the baby jump a little bit and hopefully roll over. Watching this during the ultrasound made us realize that our baby is stretching his legs and arms, rolling around, and kicking and punching, and looking at his hands - at this point in the morning it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Now, flash forward to the night again and after a few minutes I all of a sudden got the image of the ultrasound again, and immediately pictured my son freaking out and kicking and punching, as well as having the ability to see what was coming at him, I mean come on, if he can see his fingers he obviously can see anything else that is in there. I am not sure if anyone else had this happen to them and would be interested to hear your thoughts. ... 881?ref=tshttp://whatididntexpectwhileshewasexpec ...