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I am not a Boy Scout

Posted: January 14th, 2010, 6:53 pm
by TKAstle
I am not a Boy Scout.

Why bring this up? Because, although I am not a member of that fine organization, I have stolen their motto, "Do a good turn daily."

I don't think they will mind. I have pilfered it very very good purposes.

Let me back up a little. Perhaps you have had the same experience I have. There are periods of time when Life sends me the same message again and again, and even again, until I have to act on it or go crazy. It usually starts innocently enough: an idea presented in an article, a comment in a casual conversation, a remark made by a radio deejay. Before too long, however, the theme is running over, under, around, and through *everything*. By then I often want to plant my feet, place my hands on my hips, turn my face to the heavens, and yell, "Okay, I get it, already!"

Oh, but Life is wise to my little ways. It won't let me simply declare my understanding the way Michael Scott declared bankruptcy on The Office. I must prove my comprehension by my actions before it will shut up. Uh, I mean, before it will benevolently provide opportunities for further learning and growth.

Nathan's December post and challenge regarding Heifer International came toward the end of the most recent series of whisperings turned to shouts. (So, thanks for yelling at me, Nathan. I don't even know you.) His post teamed up with a talk I heard, a class I attended, a blog I came across, and several other things, to push me over the edge. I became a thief. I swiped the Boy Scout motto.

For the month of January I have pledged to "Do a good turn daily," to more fully open up my eyes to the chances around me for service, and to blog about my experiences.

Volumes can and have been written on the value of charitable behavior to both the receiver and the giver. Why would I, who has never done a great and inspiring thing - like opening a free medical clinic in Somalia or funding a school in Honduras - choose to add my far less eloquent ramblings to the mix? Because, apparently, I need to better learn exactly how much good I can do in my little sphere of influence with my limited resources. Maybe someone else would like to learn this lesson, too. Maybe one person will opt to do one nice thing for one other person because of something I write. Maybe that person will do something kind in turn. Then, just maybe, by small and simple things will great things be brought to pass.

So, if this post is part of the whispers or shouts that Life is sending your way right about now, feel free to claim the Scout motto and do a good turn daily, too. I am sure BSA won't mind - even if you're not a Boy Scout.