Speaking of Vampires.....

Because that novel isn't going to delay itself
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Speaking of Vampires.....

Post by dianeestrella » January 14th, 2010, 4:39 pm

Growing up, Saturday mornings meant cartoons. My sister and I had a schedule that went from 9:00AM until noon of all our favorites. After our roster was complete, my father took over the TV and we were entertained by one of two things. Some kind of martial arts movie with the crazy fight scenes and mouths moving and words coming out in a different timing, or “Monster Movie Matinee”. This was a local TV show that had the most “B” grade monster movies of all time. These movies had very few special effects but were full of eerie music and ghoulish looking creatures. Normal right? Being about 10 years old however and highly impressionable, and not knowing any better, (ie: TV is make believe) it left a very long scar on my psyche.

The vampire movies always left me wondering and for many years after, I slept angling my neck downward so that they could not bite me while asleep. I had a permanent kink in my neck. Fast forward, probably about age 17. My bedroom is upstairs, the bathroom is downstairs. Still regressing to my childhood fears of creatures possibly chasing me, I would fly down the stairs in the middle of the night, go to the bathroom, and fly back up to my bed before anything could “get me”.

One night, my fears became reality…… Our house is small, you can hear every little noise. I am in the bathroom making number one and that noise must have drowned out my mom getting up to use the bathroom next. I finish up, open the door and there is standing a shadowed silhouette with a white gown on…..

In my own defense, I did make some kind of small noise and start some involuntary spasms. A few jerky movements, that’s it. My mother is apologizing realizing what has happened and I am thanking God I just finished going to the bathroom. Thankfully, I have never run into my worst nightmare since now I know how I would have reacted. No screams, no bravely fighting back or running away….. just a small peep and some twitching.

Just call me dinner.

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