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Re: Cooking

Post by Hillsy » September 14th, 2011, 9:26 am

I often end up baking Pizza boxes.

We always get takeaway on a Saturday night and then overorder so we've got lunch for Sunday sorted. If it's Pizza we hide the boxes in the oven to stop the cats from having a late-night snack. Get up sunday, go to footie, come back and completely forget there's cardboard in the oven. When we come to cook sunday, turn the oven on to pre-heat........

....Voila, baked cardboard.

Also, baked pizza hut boxes give off a lot of paint fumes...ick

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Re: Cooking

Post by Ryan » September 16th, 2011, 1:54 pm

Cooking rocks.I have numerous cooking scenes in my book. I mentioned cooking in my vows when I married. I've traveled back to my grandpa's house in China and 'wokked' it up over his old woodburning stove. And I've been allowing my 17 month old son to stir our soups and flip our pancakes. He digs. Cooking rocks.

It's really sad how so much of the population is lost in the kitchen or thinks that cooking is hard to do. Cooking, like art, is sometimes placed on a pedestal and it shouldn't be.

I enjoy reading and watching Jamie Oliver at work because his attitude about cooking is always encouraging. Something we all can do.

Here's a link to a published essay on food/cooking and a shout-out to my Mom. There's a fun little video in there from China. Slicing, dicing, and wokking it up in the house where my Dad was born was pretty cool. ... ried-love/

In regards to Watcher 55's Pyrex dish...careful with the Pyrex dishes out there. The original Pyrex dishes could withstand a missile blast but of course the latest ones are made in China and have flaws (tiny bubbles) in the glass that may cause them to explode.
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