Writing Game!

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Writing Game!

Post by Jenemb » December 21st, 2010, 8:52 am

Because at the moment I'm sick of doing real writing, I've decided to take a break and just have fun. You know, how writing used to be before I was trying to be any good at it! So I've made up a game to keep my brain ticking over during the festive season, and here it is:

Step 1: Go to Wikipedia and click on “Random article”. Save that article. Now do it again. And again. Do it once more it you feel like it. Keep doing it if you want. There are no rules in the Wikipedia Writing Game.

Step 2: The fun part! Put them all together and make a story out of it. It can be an outline, a vignette, a short story, a novella, or a massively epic 200 000 word manuscript. Your choice.

Here's what I got:
First random page: Anchorage, Alaska.
Second random page: Enguerrand III, Lord of Coucy c.1182 – 1242.
Third random page: Tlačenka. Wiki tells me that Tlačenka is the Slovak and Czech variety of cheese similar to Polish salceson.

I came up with a two different scenarios on my blog, so feel free to check 'em out and link to your own: http://jennifer-burke.blogspot.com/

I'd love to hear what anyone else comes up with.

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Re: Writing Game!

Post by dios4vida » December 21st, 2010, 11:26 am

I do believe I might have to play that game!!
Brenda :)

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