October 20 -- Spirit Day -- Wear Purple

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October 20 -- Spirit Day -- Wear Purple

Post by craig » October 14th, 2010, 10:24 pm


If you haven't yet heard...

October 20 has been unofficially declared to be Spirit Day, where we are all asked to wear purple in memory of the six recent GLBT youth suicides. (I think, though, that since Spirit Day was declared, a seventh youth has taken his life.) It is important to remember that while this is in memory of the recent six youth suicides that have dominated the media, children and youth continue to take their own lives over bullying and homophobia. These six are not an anomaly. They are the latest in a history of suicides.

So... on October 20th... will you be wearing purple?

I will. I'll be wearing the sweater that I'm currently sporting in my profile pic. I'll be at a PD conference all afternoon and will be prepared to explain why I'm wearing purple if I should get any comments on my sweater.

http://thenewsoftoday.com/october-20th- ... rown/3365/

(Sorry for the serious note -- equality, safety, and acceptance of all people is somewhat of a driving passion of mine...)

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