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Bloginality: The Types of Bloggers and their Attitudes

Posted: October 6th, 2010, 3:34 pm
by hartjohnson
I recently had a heated debate with one of my writing peeps. You see... she doesn't blog. She thinks we are all a lot of brown-nosing ninnies, blowing smoke up each other's skirts. And while I am not opposed to a little skirt peeping (provided they are kilts, worn in the traditional 'commando' manner, I mean) I just couldn't take the disrespect, so I decided to assess the VIEW of blogging from the viewpoint of blogger 'types'.

Pre-blogger: "What a bunch of literary masturbation that is! A bunch of people all writing about themselves and screaming, 'Hey! Come look at ME! Read what I have to say!'"
*cough* Masturbation is engaged in by billions... it is ENJOYABLE. Some people even like to WATCH (can I say that here? Was I supposed to stick to PG?)

Promo-blogger: "My agent and editor said I have to blog... 365 days all about my book, book and more book! But dang it, why doesn't anybody ever return?"
Okay kind friend... because we read about the BOOK the first time. If you say nothing new, I don't need to come back. In fact... if I didn't know about the book ALREADY, I probably wouldn't have wandered in.

Eager-Beaver-blogger: "HEY! I can get an agent this way! If I follow all the agent blogs and make really clever comments, they will pick ME! This is GREAT!"
These folks are a little like Jack Russells... real cute until they annoy you to death. They are NOT, however, as smart as Jack Russells. Getting agents by blog trolling is a 1 in 132,000,000 shot. (Yes, I'm a statistician)

Anti-blogger: "It's prostitution! You are out there begging for compliments and nobody is going to tell you what they really think. You've sold out!"
Oh, sweetness... ALL business is prostitution. If you ever want to get published, you are going to have to prostitute yourself a little bit. If you give in to the FUN part of it, it is much less painful. If you refuse to engage, then your book will likely never get read. If you get naked, maybe you will be a best seller one day.

Follower-frenzied blogger: "If I follow everyone and their dog, and hold giveaways and contests, and enter every blogfest, I will soon have a thousand followers!"
You might. You might not. You will also either wear yourself out, or fall behind on your end of it. The followers WILL probably show up... but the readers will go away again because there is no reciprocity (unless of course you have no life).

Networking blogger: "You know... I can't keep up well, if I try to keep up with everyone, so I am going to pare down my blogroll to the bloggers I really read, and I will follow people I can count on when I really need to work the system."
This smart cookie of a blogger has a ton of helpful links, passes on EVERYBODY'S contests and promos, and is really fighting the good fight. But she is probably not nurturing HERSELF. Some people may LOVE this, but it takes a certain personality.

Enlightened blogger: "I do this because I enjoy it. If people like me, they will come. If I like them, I will follow them back. But I'm not too worried about the hype. I am just processing. It's all good."
I envy this person, not worried at all about the hit counters or the follower numbers... only reading what they have time for, content with a handful of comments a day (because the commenters they have REALLY LOVE THEM).

As for me, I suppose I am a masturbating, networking prostitute, trying to enlighten myself from time to time so I don’t wear out. I've always said, if you want people to keep coming back, you either need to be helpful or entertaining, and I'm not really a utility model.

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Re: Bloginality: The Types of Bloggers and their Attitudes

Posted: October 6th, 2010, 3:44 pm
by hulbertsfriend
It may not be PG, but I truly enjoyed your post. Well thought out and timely given the current debate regarding social networking.

All the Best,

DougM Couldn't resist a little prostitution... maybe a PayPal link? :-)

Re: Bloginality: The Types of Bloggers and their Attitudes

Posted: October 6th, 2010, 3:48 pm
by hartjohnson
Thanks, Doug! A constant debate among my writer's group, only part of whom are sold on blogging (the part who have finished manuscripts, mind you) I'll check our your blog, too!