Sci Fi! Microfiction! Contest!

Because that novel isn't going to delay itself
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Sci Fi! Microfiction! Contest!

Post by helenm » April 7th, 2010, 8:17 pm

Here's the deal: It's called AE Micro — A very small book of very small stories about very small things.

The vital stats:

LENGTH: max 200 words
THEME: A science fiction story inspired by the word “Micro”
DEADLINE: Monday, April 26
PRIZE: $10-12, publication in a special edition microzine and other cool stuff (see the above link) for the top five stories

The contest is in support of a Kickstarter project where some friends and I are raising the startup money for AE — The Canadian Science Fiction Review.

We’re committed to paying SFWA professional rates to all our contributors, something that no other Canadian magazine currently does. We hope this will be especially excting for Canadian writers, but you don’t have to be Canadian to believe in our mission. Rewarding good writers and bringing great stories to new readers is better for the world, right?

If you're not inspired to enter the contest but you are psyched about a new science fiction magazine, you can pre-order via a pledge on Kickstarter — but pledging is completely optional to enter.

Parting links ...
Web site:
Twitter: @aescifi
Facebook: AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review.

Hope to see your stories soon ... we're hoping this very small contest is the beginning of something really big.

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