Ever seen pages like these?

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Ever seen pages like these?

Post by jhammond » March 18th, 2013, 10:57 am

Hello everybody,

Regarding such bitmaps : sample 1, sample 2, sample 3 (you may need to wait a bit for it to load)

There are a lot of such book pages on the "data entry" market, meaning publishers need such bitmap pages to be manually typed out. We're acting as in intermediary and outsourcing such jobs to parties in Philippines and India. This is strange because usually the rightful publisher already has a textual format of the book they have rights to, requiring no "manual data entry". Have you ever seen anything like it? Are these extracted at the printer which is why they do not have the original text?

From what I can glean, quick searches reveal the sentences to be within "old classics" and such. Probably some new publisher trying to get old bestsellers up into the ebook market?

Do you know which publishing house or type of organization could possibly be providing such bitmaps? I'm trying to track this back to the final client, since we're an intermediary we don't really know how far back the chain this goes, and how legal such "data entry" jobs are in the first place.

Thanks for any help.

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