Looking for Publishing Partner (Kindle/iBooks)

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Looking for Publishing Partner (Kindle/iBooks)

Post by ebook-translations » June 30th, 2012, 11:37 am

Ladies and Gentleman, a close friend of mine who owns a major publishing company here in Germany got his agreement with Amazon Kindle terminated this week after working with them for three years very successfully. He specializes in public domain titles and has a team of editors and freelancers that are constantly reworking old titles for the digital age. He and Amazon could not come to terms on how to handle his portfolio in the future so they closed his account - with between 700 and 1000 exclusive titles going down the drain, too. I emphasize that he is not doing anything like Private Label Rights or other crap, this is real good stuff he has. Now he is looking for a partner that would handle some of the books that are completely safe because there are no competitors at all (or maybe one in the paid section) under their account. This is a substantial monthly revenue to be made and has to be an absolute faithful and reliable cooperation with a solid share for both parties, ideally with someone who owns (for tax and invoicing reasons) a company. If you are seriously interested and know about publishing on Amazon (and possibly iTunes, which he never did), send me a PM and I will send you the contact data. Have a nice weekend everybody!
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