Tiny publishing houses -- yay or nay?

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Re: Tiny publishing houses -- yay or nay?

Post by Holly » July 23rd, 2011, 2:25 pm

craig wrote: I think I may have been slightly unclear -- they have dozens of publications on their website -- but only two are listed on Amazon and Chapters/Indigo. So they have lots of books, they just don't seem to be widely available. I think you pretty much have to order from their website to get their eBooks. (I don't use eReaders -- but eBooks through Kobo (Chapters/Indigo) or Kindle (Amazon) are on their associated websites, right? So am I looking in the right place?)
Since it's free to put books on Amazon, why aren't the books for sale there? Because they don't want to split it with Amazon? A lot more readers see it there than on a small website. That doesn't make sense to me.

I would just epublish it myself. Professional formatting and a book cover will cost you $500 or less. You can format it yourself and save $200. You will have to promote it, whether you use a publisher or put it up yourself.

If you want a free ereader, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, sign up for an account, and download their free Kindle and Nook apps onto your computer. It's easy and takes about one minute.

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