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Submitting to literary journals

Post by RiayNight » December 13th, 2010, 11:01 pm

Hi there everyone, my name is Jourdan! When Nathan first created the forums I used to be pretty active, but after awhile my heavy load of coursework for school (I'm a creative writing major--predictable, right? Haha) got in the way of my activity here at the forums--and the editing of my novel, I may add! Anyway, despite the fact that my work on my novel has been fairly stagnant lately, I still have been working on short stories for my creative writing classes. Out of all the terrible, shoddy stories I've slapped together for class, I have one that I believe is publication worthy, and I submitted it to two literary journals, Tin House and Glimmer Train.

So, I was curious if anyone else here has submitted to Tin House, and if you did, how soon you heard back from them. They say on their website that their max reply time is 90 days, but I just wanted to ask some fellow writers about their own personal experience regarding Tin House. Don't worry, I fully understand that waiting is an unavoidable (and agonizing!) part of the querying process, but while I wait I thought it would be nice if I could actually find someone else that has submitted to Tin House and hear their story.

Also, I titled the topic "Submitting to literary journals" so that it would cover a broader range of issues concerning submitting to literary journals, rather than just being specific to my question concerning Tin House. If anyone doesn't have an experience with Tin House but could share some literary journals they've submitted to or journals worth submitting to, that would be excellent! Or if you just want to share your experience in submitting, whether it resulted in publication or not, that would also be fantastic!

And, if someone is reading this that is considering submitting to a literary journal, I would definitely suggest submitting to both Tin House and Glimmer Train. I suggest Tin House because it is a really well-rounded journal, and the quality of the writing they chose to publish is excellent. Same with Glimmer Train. Although it may have been ambitious of me to have submitted to these journals, they pay fairly well too, which is of course a major plus! And they both have really easy online submission programs, so you don't even have to print or mail anything!

Another great thing about Glimmer Train is that they have monthly contests, and if you submit a story to one of those it counts as a standard submission to the journal--or, if you don't want to do the contest, you can still submit standard for free. The catch is that the contest has a reading fee--not as a scam or anything, but to garner prize money for the contest itself--and I think only the first place winner receives publication in Glimmer Train. However, the first three places have cash prizes, and on top of that, they post a "Top 25" list, so you know if your story made it to the final 25. THEN, as if that wasn't enough, they e-mail you if you made the top 5 percent of contest entries. So, although there is a 15 dollar reading fee, it is a fairly sweet deal. I know I would be pretty happy if I could even just make that 5 percent list!

Anyway, I hope this can serve as a discussion for literary journal submission, and I'd love to hear everybody's stories! Thanks!

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