10 reasons e-books might not eat the world

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Re: 10 reasons e-books might not eat the world

Post by JuiceinLA » September 8th, 2010, 6:34 pm

I couldn't agree more with the writer of this post- but it scares me. Are we all clinging to beta while VHS makes room for DVD? Here is why I am worried, and I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this, including Nathan's:

In the past month I have seen a discernible uptick in stories featuring a growing consensus that book sellers and publishers are doomed. Today I read a blog post at http://agentinthemiddle.blogspot.com/ that not only repeated the news of the financial woes of B&N and Borders, but the agent evidenced the trickle down effect- publishing houses are not taking on new projects, or delaying ones in the pipeline.

this article: http://www.idealog.com/blog/one-brave-p ... we-comment, has me thinking that as long as Amazon's sales of e-books are outselling hard covers by a third, then amazon is in the position to muscle publishers down in price, and that will either undercut the publisher and the author's take- or accelerate the decline of the publication house- likely sending more authors to self publishing, and now it seems I am breaching an entirely separate topic from the original thread discussion. I will quit while I am behind....after one last original topic question:

I'd love to know if Nathan thinks this agent (agent in the middle) is right, is it becoming impossible for agents to sell anything that doesn't involve vampires or the Y/A world?

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