Query on Techno commercial aspect of ebooks

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Query on Techno commercial aspect of ebooks

Post by HutumBhutum » August 26th, 2016, 6:32 pm

Hi. With some exposure to Web Development in the past, an wild idea brewed for creation of books with interactivity and dynamic elements as opposed to the Printed books which can be termed "flat". Even, earlier generation ebooks (for ereaders) are the digitised version of the printed formats (with some added features, no doubt) but otherwise still linear & "flat". To be specific, I ideated somewhat multimedia type of application ideal for digital media but not exactlty the usual flash or animation type (for children books) which would be rather heavy. Instead, my works would be text intensive along with some limited multimedia elements which is, no doubt, possible with just HTML, CSS, Javascript etc that in turn can be compiled to form .exe for any Windows (if not other OS) users. Such compilers are also available online as well as offers password protections too. But, the e-readers dominate the ebook market and all sites on ebooks centres around the e-readers only. Thus, I could not yet identified the channels of distribution ( i.e. the bookstores to retail "ebooks" in .exe form for the readers to download against payment through payment gateways etc) for "ebooks" in .exe format.

1) First of all, I look for some online retailers/bookstores (if any) that accepts .exe formats.

However, my "wild idea" is now quite comparable with the current Epub version 3.0 which facilitate embedment of multimedia elements and as such, it is not too difficult (already tested on Sigil). This appeared me very promising in first instance but, .epub itself without any security features like password, it is freely distributable and Epub readers are also readily available. And thus very much prone to piracy.

2) In spite of that, are the ebooks in .epub format used for commercial distribution ? Do the DRM is effective to control (comparable with paswword security) free distributions ?

3) or, .epub is just an intermediary for other propreitory formats (e.g. Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook etc) ? [ Notably, many such retailers have formats different from Epub and needs seperate compilation even].

I solicit valued advise from the members.

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