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The Ugly Tree Graphic Design

Post by theuglytree » August 22nd, 2016, 5:56 am

The Ugly Tree Graphic Design ( is a book design studio based in England. We banned word in book design, branding, and web design - though book design is our specialty. We have previously worked with National Geographic on some of their periodicals, Harper Collins, Pearson, and a few other more boutique publishers. We are a professional design studio, so we take on clients on a regular basis, but we thought perhaps it was time to give back a little by taking in some low-budget work and this seemed like the place to come.

We understand that self-publishers are working on shoe-string budget and can't necessarily afford to shell out the £300 it might take for a cover, or more for the whole book. So we're willing to work with your budget, and open discussions with authors seeking designs, to try and help you out. Now, being professional designers, we don't offer pre-made covers, we only offer custom designs. But that doesn't mean we'll charge you out of hand for them, like I said, we're looking to give back to a publishing industry that's been good to us. So, feel free to get in touch, conversation is free (I'm sure that's an idiom somewhere) and even if you don't decide to use our services you might pick up some valuable information about design. Also, feel free to take a look at our work, the link above will take you to our book design directory on The Ugly Tree website, and I've stuck a couple of images below.

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