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All around Drawing Artist

Post by JamieJ » June 19th, 2016, 10:13 am

I am a drawing artist live and work in Boston. I can help you boost your appeal to audiences/consumers by creating high quality front cover or chapter illustrations for your work.

In addition to use a stock photo for your cover, I can hand draw your cover based on your description of the story; you are also welcome to supply me a few sample pictures and I can refer to them and hand draw a custom picture for your usage.

Drawing method: Pencil (black & white); digital painting/Illustration
Finished work: can go up to very high definition (default: 1600*2400 & 300 dpi) and deliver in any kind of photo format
Style: Realism, comic, 2D Animation
Pricing: I am an independent artist and my rate is below market rate, you can typically get a custom cover at close to a premade cover price

I care about your project. I'm thorough about instructions, I am easy to communicate with; I respond quickly and I'm easily accessible.

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