Self-Publish--need help!

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Self-Publish--need help!

Post by AmyRose » August 18th, 2015, 8:08 pm

I am looking to self-publish and having trouble deciphering which publishing company is best for me. So far it seems Outskirts Press and Lulu are a couple of the top hits/best sellers, but I have seen so many mixed reviews! Any ideas from fellow authors? Firsthand experience? I am looking to eBook and POD publish, as well as get assistance with marketing, etc.

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Re: Self-Publish--need help!

Post by hesperus_lux » August 23rd, 2015, 3:22 pm

Some may call me a son of a motherless goat, but I like publishing with Amazon's Createspace. If you can provide them with the designed interior and cover you pretty much don't have to pay Amazon anything to publish. They take a share of the profits from each sale, but they handle POS, printing, shipping, etc. And their online presence / distribution can't be ignored!

btw- I make book covers and interiors for self-publishing authors. </shameless plug>
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