The Most Efficient Way to Publish an eBook

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The Most Efficient Way to Publish an eBook

Post by authorpilot » August 29th, 2014, 1:44 pm

Peter Buffington took his personal experience with self-publishing and freely shares his hard-won wisdom and best advice for those looking to do likewise. This is a great guide for those starting out in self-publishing by someone who is successful in this genre and with the process.

-Shelia F. English, CEO/Author/Producer, Circle of Seven Productions

The Most Efficient Way to Publish an eBook is a fantastic and concise guide for anyone considering self-publishing. Peter's experiences as a best-selling aviation author and eBook conversion consultant are shared in this book and I love his bite-sized and easy-to-follow approach.

- Paul Cameron, CEO, Booktrack

Best-selling aviation author, Peter Buffington, has been a licensed commercial pilot for 20 years. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Sciences from the University of North Dakota, and is currently employed in Software Engineering in Madison, Wisconsin. Peter's first book, Squawk 7700, was a revealing, inside look at the regional airline and aviation industry's operating practices. His eBook rocketed to the top five of best-selling aviation eBooks on for three consecutive years.

While signing copies of Squawk 7700 at author events, Peter discovered that his expert knowledge and eBook publishing skills were in high demand, so he started offering eBook conversion consulting services. He has completed dozens of eBook conversions for other authors.

Many secrets that online retailers won't share about publishing an eBook are revealed in Peter's new eBook, The Most Efficient Way to Publish an eBook. His eBook outlines a simple, efficient, and proven method for eBook publishing that all independent authors should read before undertaking their first eBook conversion.

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