Seeking advice on self-publish print on demand web sites

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Seeking advice on self-publish print on demand web sites

Post by summerleas » April 30th, 2020, 8:27 pm

Good morning,

First post, so please be kind!

I have been publishing software manuals with for twelve years. Unfortunately, their recent web site "upgrade" has trashed my account, lost half my books and lost all record of my revenue. Emailing customer support just elicits patronizing form letter responses. So I need an alternative. To summarize my needs:

- a shop window where anyone (almost) anywhere in the world can order print-on-demand copies which will be produced and despatched locally.
- publications ideally US letter size, but can live with A4, up to about 500 pages
- ability to update document content regularly (about once a month) without having to republish as a new book, new product number, different URL, etc.
- ability to link to URL from other websites
- ideally (but not a deal breaker) spiral binding option
- ability to set my own price and determine my own margin
- revenues payed via PayPal ideally monthly.

I've looked at Sweek, but unfortunately they seem not to operate in the USA which is by far my biggest market. If you can help me by sharing the benefit of your experience I'd be most grateful.

Thank you.

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