Crystal Shade - First HD Commercial

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Crystal Shade - First HD Commercial

Post by Guardian » July 8th, 2013, 2:36 am

Check out the first high quality HD commercial of my book. This one is about the new FB store, the hub where the readers can find everything Crystal Shade. There will be few more high quality CG trailers and those ones will be about the book itself, but they're still in progress (Basically I make all of them with some minimal help, so I have to split my time between writing the sequels, Crystal Shade: Afterlight and Crystal Shade: Angeni, Volume 2 and trailer development.). But I hope that you'll like it.

P.S.: Many used to ask what an Auralight Fantasy is. Trailer Auralight, which will be the next one will tell that, but basically Auralight Fantasy (a.k.a. AuraFantasy or Auralight) is a new variation and mix of many genres. While it contains many Epic Fantasy, Young Adult, and close-to-Science-Fiction, close-to-Steampunk mechanical and / or fantastical elements, such as aura-powered flying and other machines and weapons, or a strange world with a blue sun, it also includes biological-fantastical elements, such as aura beings with superpowers, living in different spirit realms of an otherworldly ancient society with an atmosphere not just felt, but seen as emanating from person, places and other living and non-living things. The term "Auralight Fantasy" was coined to reflect the more overtly fantastical tones of Crystal Shade.

Crystal Shade StoreYA Commercial.

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