Kids and reading

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Re: Kids and reading

Post by PaulWoodlin » March 23rd, 2010, 7:14 pm

Heck, someone can read fifteen minutes a day between commercials of a typical hour long drama. It's how my mom does her crossword puzzles.

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Re: Kids and reading

Post by charlotte49ers » March 23rd, 2010, 9:14 pm

Yeah, AR has it's place. I was actually having a bad AR day when I wrote that. I went to our librarian about one of my kid's that day. I had him tested this year and he tested in the 80 range in IQ. He has been working SO hard this 9 weeks on keeping his percentage above the cut off. His goal was set the same as all of the other students. I went to her to ask if his points goal could be lowered because of how hard he was working, but couldn't get the # of books the other kids were able to complete (he has to read the book three times independently, then read aloud before he is able to pass the comprehension tests).

She wouldn't lower his goal or let him attend the AR party. It ticked me off because I've NEVER gone to her about a student before. I'm going to make him his own candy bag to celebrate his successes because he deserves it. To me, that defeated the purpose of the program.

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Re: Kids and reading

Post by mmcdonald64 » April 12th, 2014, 3:30 pm

I just had a hit on my blog from this thread, so I followed the link back and, wow, talk about how things have changed! lol. I don't even know if this reply will post since the thread is so old, but anyway, since posting this four years ago, I'm thrilled to report that my daughter (13yo) is now an avid reader! School had nothing to do with it though, and all I had to do with it was supply the books. She was on a kid's forum--I think it was chicken smoothie, and someone there kept talking about Warrior Cats books. I bought her one when she asked, she got a few from the library, and once she was on her fifth or sixth book, and we had moved far away from the nearest bookstore, I started buying the books on my Kindle. After awhile, I found I was sharing my Kindle so much, that I ended up buying her a Kindle of her own in April 2011. She also became more open to other books, and long story short, last summer, she was so into reading and the movie Les Miserables, that she read the whole 1200 page book over the summer. She marked her favorite passages and would constantly tell me how it was different from the movie--especially Eponine, and how Marius wasn't really part of the Barricade Boys at first and so on. (if I remember what she told me correctly--I have not ever read that book.)

She also loves to write, mostly fanfiction or role playing, but she has some original stories as well. Not only that, but her drawing talent took off as she created Warrior Cat drawings in MS Paint, and lately, has taught herself how to do animation. She'll draw all these Warrior Cat type creatures, and animate them to Les Mis songs. lol. She's read The Hunger Games, that latest John Greene novel that is being made into a movie. Sorry, I've forgotten the title, and just so many more. Now she gets in trouble at school for reading too much. :D I also have to say we moved to a new school district and while they did have book reports, it wasn't nearly as involved. Now that she's in eighth grade, they don't have them at all, and her teachers see her reading every day, so that is not an issue.

She wants to grow up to be a singer, then a writer and animator. She's seen me successfully publish my books and accompanies me to some real life writing groups.

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