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Blogfest for Teen Writers

Post by Melyn » June 15th, 2011, 6:17 pm

I'm starting a blogfest for teen writers called the 2011 Teen Writers Summer Blogfest. (I'm a teen writer, btw.) I noticed that there were some other teen writers on the NB forums. I would've posted this in the teen writers thread, but it's a bit old and I didn't want to bump it, so I decided to post here.

The blogfest will run from July 1-9. Each day, the participants will write a blog post for the theme of that day and I'll link to them on my blog. Participants have to be teenagers, but there are other things like giveaways that everyone will be able to participate in. The point isn't really to get new followers (thought participants probably will). The point is to for teen writers to find out about other teen writers, find new blogs to follow, make friends, etc. And for adult writers to learn what teenagers think about reading and writing (this will be helpful if you write YA).

You can sign up on my blog through a form if you're a teen who wants to participate. It won't be a huge commitment, since you don't have to post every day, and it will be lots of fun, I promise. :)

To find out more about the blogfest and to sign up, see this post: ... tails.html
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