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Book promotion idea: giving away physical copies to non-profits and charities with ebook downloads

Posted: March 26th, 2016, 10:35 am
by GregoryDiehl
I have my first book on small business branding and communication coming out on May 20, where I will offer it for free for 5 days. The book is about learning how to talk, write, and present your ideas and products so that people will want to buy them. In the book, I mention some of my experiences working with nonprofit groups like youth entrepreneurship camps in Ghana to teach them the basics of starting their own businesses.

This gave me an idea to incentivize getting as many downloads as possible during those first five days while bolstering my own brand reputation.

What I'm thinking is some kind of giveaway/promotion involving the groups I've work with, and others I can reach out to that can help promote it to their audience. I can say that for everyone who downloads it during those five days, I will also donate a physical copy of the book to their organization and have them delivered to Ghana or wherever they are.

Since most Ghanians don't have Kindles, this gives them the chance to read the book and learn the lessons inside, while also spreading my reach further. Some of these groups have big followings who would care about an education cause like this.

Am I overlooking anything? It costs about $3.50 to produce each physical book, so obviously I will have to eat that cost. ... B01C37VTAW