Question on conflciting query letter advice between sites

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Question on conflciting query letter advice between sites

Post by adtabb » November 30th, 2011, 5:14 pm

Dear Nathan Bransford,

I am writing to you because of your knowledge and understanding of the Folio Literary website. While researching agents, I was considering Ms. Celeste Fine or Ms. Paige Wheeler for separate projects. I have a young adult novel, and a memory loss workbook to find representation for. When reviewing their website, I studied the Query Letter suggestions. The recommended example looks more like a professional letter, than what most that agents showcase in their accepted query letters ( ... y-letters/). Are all of the agents at Folio Literary wanting email queries to look like this with the authors information at the top, and then the agents information before the letter begins (contrary to what most agents recommend)? Or is this page for a specific agent, and not all of them at the agency?

I have a couple of questions on the nonfiction proposal. This link provides an example that seems rather long ( Is this proposal double spaced? Should proposals be in the body of the email? Should query letters be sent before the proposal; and not send the proposal unless an acceptance of the query letter occurs? I am easily confused sometimes on websites where it is unclear if links pertain to one agent, the whole group, or if maybe they no longer apply as the rules have changed. Sometimes, it states the examples relate to snail mail only, and it states email queries and proposals should be different, just now how.

Thank you for your help,

April Brown

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Re: Question on conflciting query letter advice between sites

Post by Nathan Bransford » December 4th, 2011, 1:10 pm

Hi April, I actually don't know much about Folio or its website, sorry! But I think you need not worry that they have overly strict ideas of what a query letter must look like. Take it into account, but I'm sure like any other agents they're mainly just hoping to get a sense of your project and writing style.

Query letters are sent before proposals unless the agent's website states otherwise. They're usually double-spaced, but some people don't, so don't sweat it.

Good luck!

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