Frustration with freelance editors disappearing

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Frustration with freelance editors disappearing

Post by mares » September 23rd, 2011, 2:28 pm

Hi Nathan - This is more of a venting/get-your-take-on-it type thing, but I'd like *someone* out in publishing to hear this, and maybe it will make its way to freelance editors. I, and other writers I know, have worked with freelance editors to get our manuscripts ready for agents and submission. I spent hundreds of dollars; other friends have spent thousands. What frustrates us all is that not one of those editors has ever followed up with even a simple email to say, "how's the query going?" or "have you connected with a publisher yet?"
I'm a business owner, so I realize that from a business-sense perspective, perhaps they don't reach out because they don't want to be hit up for free advice after they've cashed their checks. Still, I find that rude and a poor business decision. I constantly follow up with my own clients to see how work is going. It also makes me think she (editor) really didn't care if my book was prime for agents and publishers -- she just wanted a paycheck.

Your thoughts, please? I'd love to hear comments from others, too. Thanks - MS

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Re: Frustration with freelance editors disappearing

Post by Nathan Bransford » September 24th, 2011, 8:31 pm

Well, I'd say that they're not under any obligation to follow up, but it certainly would be a good business practice!

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