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Re: Scrivener and Windows Alternatives

Post by bigheadx » April 19th, 2010, 12:52 pm

Rik wrote:I've tried various writing software packages such as yWriter - I just can't get the hang of them: too many shiny things available (character descriptions! storyboards!) that I ended up spending all my time with the add-ons and no time with the novel. So for now I'm stuck with the 2-doc approach - one doc for the work-in-progress and the second for any metadata/notes/research/scribbles/etc that I think I need to keep track of. Inefficient, yes, but it works for me.
Sounds a little like my approach. To keep track of general research I've settled on AZZCardfile, an inexpensive but pretty powerful index card tool. For story and character development I use a template file based upon John Truby's concepts. To write, it's MovieMagic Screenwriter for novels and screenplays. Short stories? Good old MS Word. (But I am looking forward to taking a ride on yWriter when I start my next project.)

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