When looking for pictures,

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When looking for pictures,

Post by JustSarah » October 28th, 2012, 2:55 pm

What would be the best place to look for pictures of underground tunnels, nuclear bomb shelters, and things like this? There are some photos of bomb shelters on google, but its not exactly on the scale of an underground New York City like I'm currently looking for. Its suppose to be an underground tunnel and bunker system that goes through 37 out of 50 Us states. I'm not sure if there any like that in the US, besides subway systems. Its not hard to find desertification or nuclear wasteland on google, its just nationwide Subway, Bunker, and Bomb shelter systems.

I went ahead and wrote the query letter for the first novella, and so sort of using that as my writing outline. (Its a novel of collected novella's.)

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