Fantasy Names

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Fantasy Names

Post by dcamardo » January 15th, 2010, 10:10 am

If you're a fantasy writer and you're trying to think up names, take some notes during the perscription drug commercials. Here's a hook that will be sure to attract agents:

When the evil Lipitor invades the land, the mighty Cymbalta must take his stand to defend the city of banned word. SIDE EFFECT is a XX,000 word Fantasy.*

*Please note: Agents should not read SIDE EFFECT if they are pregnant, have heart conditions, or over the age of 50. Please consult a doctor before reading SIDE EFFECT to see if it is right for you. Agents that read SIDE EFFECT may suffer from diarrhea, migraines, hallucinations, and/or loss of consciousness. Do not mix SIDE EFFECT with alcohol. Be sure to only read SIDE EFFECT after eating a meal. Do not read SIDE EFFECT before swimming or operating heavy machinery. If you find that you have a rash after reading SIDE EFFECT, call a doctor immediately as this could lead to serious injury or death.

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